Johnny Eck - The Half Man

March 16, 2015

Johnny Eck, born Eckhardt, Jr was an American Freak Show artist and performer, born in August 1911; best known for his appearance in Tod Browning's 1932 cult classic film, Freaks.

Eck described himself as "snapped off at the waist", but in actual fact he had unusable, underdeveloped legs and feet that he would hide under custom-made clothing.

At birth, Eck weighed 0.9 kg and was less than 20 cm in length. Giving him very little chance of survival, he went on to become an artist, photographer, illusionist, penny arcade owner, Punch and Judy operator, and expert model-maker.

The new release of our Johnny Eck jumper celebrates this amazing mans life achievements. It's printed on 100% organic cotton with fitted sleeves and bottom trim.

Visit the Johnny Eck Online Museum here

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