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July 04, 2015

With only 7 days left before we flew home from Belize City, we sailed straight over to Caye Caulker for a week relaxing in the sun.

Caye Caulker's a small Carribean island, with plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels. It has one main street near the sea with the majority of restaurants and bars on it (Front street) and two streets behind (Middle and back) with a few more shops and restaurants.

After attempting to speak Spanish in every country in Central America it was strange arriving in Belize, as it's predominantly English speaking.

We had quite a few pals around in Caye Caulker so we decided to head out on a snorkelling trip. Our friends were staying at Dirty Mcnastys hostel and had met a local guy called Smooth. He also had a dog called Sharp who was really nice. Smooth ran a little tour company that avoided all the mainstream trip operators, so we all paid the very reasonable price of $130 BZ (around £40) and loaded up his boat with rum and snacks and sailed off. We had the most amazing day of snorkelling, swimming with turles, hundreds of nurse sharks, rays, eels, dolphins and best of all Manatees. Our snorkelling guide, Harry, had absolutly no quarms with grabbing sharks, flipping them over so they go to sleep and letting us scratch their bellys. The waters were crystal clear and warm, perfect for seeing the beautiful reef and all its inhabitants.

Later on we all fished for lobster, crab, snapper and conch to eat for dinner. I say "we all", we actually just stayed on the boat and drank rum while Harry and a few other willing volunteers did the fishing. Once we'd caught enough to feed 15, we sailed to a deserted island just before sundown, built a huge bonfire and cooked our catch of the day. Quite a few bottles of rum later we all stumbled back onto the boat at 2am and sailed back to Caye Caulker. A real day to remember.

We'd heard of two good spots for backpackers that want a touch more luxury than your average hostel. These were Sophie's Guesthouse and Mara's, so we tried both out. Sophies was located on the quieter side of the island but still only about a 2 minute walk to the split (the lively part of the island). The accomodation itself was nice but the management seemed quite unorganised.

Mara's was also a similar standard and location, but with the added extras of a private bathroom, balcony, hammock and private jetty to hang out on, all for the same price of $30 USD per night. We happened to stay here over the Lobster Fest weekend, which was actually quite disappointing. Firstly because there wasn't a whole lot of lobster going around and secondly, Mara's put on a huge party (not the good kind) right outside our door for locals and Belize City residents. We felt slightly out of place walking through the huge crowds who were all bumpin' and grindin', sippin' on gin + juice and gettin' crunk to possibly the least talented DJ of all time. What made it worse was that Jonny had his pants stolen from the balcony. WHO STEALS PANTS??

A restaurant not to be missed is the Rainbow Bar and Grill which serves amazing lobster and is set right by the water with lots of fairy lights - always a winning combination for Laura.

On our last day we took some 'action shots' of Jonny with his favourite frisbee, Gary.

So, our adventure through Central America has come to an end, we've had the best time and we hope you've enjoyed reading about it and maybe picked up a few hints and tips for if you ever venture over to this part of the world.

Adios Amigos.

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