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Why Organic Clothing?

September 21, 2015

With sustainable living becoming increasingly more important amidst our consumer lifestyles spiralling out of control, it is crucial to continue to strive for an ethical attitude towards fashion and the manufacturing of fabrics.

Ethical and sustainable manufacturing preserves energy and natural resources through the production of eco-friendly products, minimising negative impacts on the environment. The use of organic fibres ensures the plants are grown in well-nurtured soil without harmful pesticides, meaning they require significantly less water, energy and carbon dioxide, greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Caring for the crops in this way also leads to fewer toxins and allergens within the fabrics, rendering them kinder to the skin. Producing organic fabrics is not only beneficial to the environment but also creates an ethical workplace for farmers, enhancing employee and community wellbeing.

Otter & Goat began from a fascination and love for the natural world, so it was vital for us as a brand to take an eco-friendly and ethical stance when producing our garments, to help protect nature the best we can. We are currently working towards an entirely organic range and hope to be 100% eco-friendly before next year. Although this may be a drop in the ocean in moving towards sustainable living, by creating as many ethical products as possible we hope to encourage others to both wear and manufacture eco-friendly clothing.


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