Wild Life Drawing

September 24, 2015

The talented illustrator, Jennie Webber, who has lovingly created all of our beautiful designs, runs a unique and inspiring art class for animal lovers; Wild Life Drawing. Collaborating art & creativity with education & awareness of wildlife, Jennie’s enthusiasm and passion for the natural world brings together an interesting and imaginative class for all artistic abilities.

The class is held at The Proud Archivist in Shoreditch, East London, where Jennie has invited guests such as micro pigs, donkeys, wolves, reptiles, meerkats and many more, attracting animal fanatics from far and wide. The interactive class gives visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife, and also learn more about the conservation of these animals.

The next Wild Life Drawing is on the 27th October, where Jennie will be welcoming back a few large lizards - Deano the Green Iguana and Hugo the Bosc Monitor, also featuring will be a 5ft long Tegu!  

To learn more about Wild Life Drawing and to purchase tickets for any upcoming events, visit the website www.wildlifedrawing.co.uk 



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