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Featured Artist: Oceanens Russin

September 30, 2015

It has been a while since out last featured artist, so we are delighted to introduce the work of a curious Swedish illustrator, working under the anonymous name of Oceanens Russin, whose inspiration and passion lies within both architecture and marine life. 

Oceanens lives in Stockholm and has been an avid illustrator since his young teen years. Later Oceanens went on to study art in the evenings whilst working in advertising. He had never imagined doing something he enjoyed so much would be able to earn him a living, but eventually he was inundated with freelance work and was able to leave his job, working solely as an illustrator on commissions for his work. His clients range from magazines and advertising agencies to companies within the health-care sector.


Oceanens’ favourite subjects as an artist are architecture and the life in and around the oceans and his work produces a fascinating blend of the two. At the moment he is working on sketches for a book about interesting buildings in Sweden and he is hoping to soon be working on a sea life project.

Many things inspire him; it could be nature, rush hour in the subway, buildings, a pattern on wallpapers, books, movies and of course great artists through the centuries. He uses traditional tools for his work such as pencils, ink, watercolor and papers.

“When I have an idea I work in silence and very intensively and don´t have time for anything else than drawing and sketching. When I have finished the drawing I feel empty and then almost immediately start a new project.”

Instagram: @oceanensrussin

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