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Foraging in the Forest

April 11, 2017

Last weekend we took a drive to Heywood, in the north of Manchester, to a beautiful forest for a day of foraging, with a nice man called David from Discover The Wild. 

Heywood Forest

We started off by searching for wild garlic, which we found in abundance. It makes amazing soups! 

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic Holdy

We rescued this little critter from the road on the way - he was a friendly toad. 

We stopped for lunch in a nice clearing with a fallen tree, where we perched and had lunch. David brought two flasks of wild garlic & potato soup and some homemade, foraged pesto which we ate with crackers - it was delicious. 

After lunch we carried on up into the hilltops in search of Sorrel and St Georges mushrooms. 



St Georges Mushroom

Sorrel tastes much like a granny smith apple and was our favourite foraging delicacy of the day!

We had such a lovely day wandering the countryside with David and would highly recommend a visit. He's super knowledgable about everything plant and fungus based in the British countryside and has worked with a number of local gin companies in sourcing natural botanical ingredients to flavour the gin. We even tried some of his own home-brewed palma violet concoction at lunch time, which put a few hairs on our chest!  

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