Introducing // A New Look

January 16, 2017

After building our little brand for the last couple of years, exploring new ideas everyday and really discovering what we wanted to put out to the world, we’ve come a long way and a lot has changed. As with anything that changes, adaptations must be made. 

Our focus when we first started was heavily based on intricate illustrations that told stories from the natural world. As we grew, our love for nature, conservation and eco-friendly living lead us to start using organic and sustainable garments in all of our collections. 

We now feel this is a not only a crucial part to our brand but crucial to the world that more brands follow and start using organic, ethical and eco-friendly ways of producing clothing. We’re at a point in time now where we must all make changes and choices in order to reduce our Carbon footprint on the world. Soon it will simply be, too late.


We felt we needed to encapsulate the changes that have happened in the last year, so our logo now sports two friendly animals leaping and swimming, creating an earthly shape to represent our eco-friendly ethics. 

Otter & Goat logo

To celebrate our new look, we have released a collection of specially embroidered winter garments for you to keep cosy. Shop here...

organic jumper


Organic Sherpa Hoody

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