Project AWARE Collab

November 01, 2018

In our latest charity collaboration, we've teamed up with Project AWARE, a global movement for ocean protection. The human race is currently facing big problems with plastic debris, overfishing & pollution within our oceans. Marine animals become entangled in debris, and even mistake it for food - often with fatal results.

Project AWARE work to reduce the amount of debris & pollution in the ocean and also try to implement measures to avoid pollution entering the ocean in the first place. 

As this subject is very close to our hearts, it was an obvious choice to try and help and what better way than to create a thought provoking, organic t-shirt printed with, sadly, one of the most affected marine creatures - the turtle. Lovingly illustrated by Jennie Webber, this topical turtle is subtly made up of different types of plastic found in the ocean. 

Turtle T-Shirt - Otter & Goat

Every Turtle T-shirt sold means £5 will be donated to Project AWARE to help fund their ocean clean-ups, research & driving change within organisations & governments. 

With organisations like Project AWARE, we can all work together to make our oceans happy again. It's not too late...

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